B&B Battery 12V

Project Description

Suitable for

> General use
> Emergency backup power supplies
> Emergency lighting
> rail
> Airline
> security systems
> Telecom power supply
> DC power supply


> The Official and Exclusive Dealers of the Fixed Batteries Japan
> Lead Acid Dry Batteries 12 Volt Fasteners
12 Volt Batteries 1 to 230 Amp
> Lifespan 10-7 years in use, floating and at 25 ° C
> Maintainability, for long periods without recharging
> At least self-discharge
> Maintenance-free (using oxygen recombination technology)

> No need for any control or adding water and acid
> High reliability and stable quality
> The structure is completely waxy, without electrolyte leakage from the terminals or the body of the battery.
* It is worth noting that Faran is the manufacturer of FEI batteries and the official representative of B.B batteries.

More Information

  انواع مدل­هاي باتري B.B


For General Use