SIEL Safe Power EVO (HF)

Project Description

Suitable for

> Telecommunications
> security systems
> Traffic control equipment
> Informatics Centers (ITC)
> Office-Commercial-Stores Centers

The UPS SafePower Evo HF model has on line double conversion technology and is classified according to the VFI-SS-111 standard defined by IEC EN 62040-3. This model is designed to protect sensitive industrial and IT systems (IT), with the following features:


> 10,200KVA power
> Low input current distortion (less than 3%) and input power factor 0.99
> Have a battery care system with the following features:
The battery is charged at A-C on two levels of voltage based on the IU characteristic.
Charge voltage temperature compensator
Suitable for charging battery backup sets
Have Battery Test function to detect weak battery
Charging system alternating
> Thermal inverter to guarantee 110% overload (Pf 0.8) without time limit
> The ability to connect a Salaf load with a power factor of 0.9 to a capacitive load with a power factor of 0.9 without reducing active power
> High performance design to achieve a system with efficiency of up to 96.5%
> Possibility to install an internal transformer
> Possibility to add optional battery charger


> Network, Server, and Data Centers: The output power factor of 0.9 ensures the highest active power
> E-commerce and telecommunications: The parallel operation means that the size of the ups installed will increase in line with the growth of the organization. (Up to 6 units)
> Industrial processes and electro-medical systems: These UPSs are designed to protect a wide range of loads from industrial processes to electro-medical applications. This capability has been achieved by analyzing the load at the design stage of the Safepower-Evo-HF project.
> Emergency systems: This UPS can be configured in any of the four operational modes in accordance with EN 50171 (Centralized Power Supply Systems).

> Ability to operate in four main modes ON-LINE, FREQUENCY CONVERTER, ECO, SMART ACTIVE
Three-phase input / three-phase output
> Input Voltage: 380-400-415 VAC + N
> Voltage range (no change to battery status): 320 to 480V in full load mode and 240 to 480V in half load mode
> Input frequency: 50-60 Hz
> Variable frequency input: 40-72 Hz
> THDI in full charge less than or equal to 3%
> Power factor at full load: 0.99
> Parallel up to 6 devices
> Dimensions 440 * 850 * 1320 at 10-40 KVA, Dimensions 500 * 850 * 1600 mm in the power of 60-80 KVA and dimensions of 750 * 855 * 1900 mm at a power of 100-200KVA

> Battery number: 120 + 120
> Static variations of ± 1% voltages in the power of 10-40 KVA and ± 0.5% in the power of 60-120 KVA
> Information monitoring via SNMP, RS232, RS485 ports
> Equipped with an EPO port for shutting down in an emergency
> ECO mode efficiency> 98%
> Full load efficiency between 93.5% and 96.1% at various power levels
> The operating temperature of the machine is ºC40-0
> Protection degree IP20