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FARAN STB Stabilizer

STB Stabilizer is a product of FARAN Company. This product has home, office and industrial use and has the necessary protection to create high reliability and extend the life of electrical equipment that can protect against computers, home appliances, servers, etc. against sudden and permanent surges, City power fluctuations, as well as the short-circuiting of the electrical apparatus connected to this product, can be used to reduce breakdowns and repairs. The device is also protected against overload and temperature rise. Equipment such as air conditioners, refrigerators and TVs in homes, companies and organizations, office machines, laboratory equipment, servers, etc. are very sensitive to electrical fluctuations, making them more vulnerable to other devices. The Stabilizer provides the consumer with sustainable nutrition against changes caused by the city’s electricity. It uses a microprocessor processor and digital control to control output stability. And with a digital display that instantly displays the input and output voltage to the user and facilitates the user to operate the device.

یو پی اس فاران مدل blazer - مشخصات یو پی اس بلیزر- شرکت صنایع الکترونیک فاران


FARAN has launched a product called Blazer which is a UPS suitable for low consumption home and office use. This product supports up to 20 minutes of power supply required for home computers, security systems, automatic doors, TVs, game consoles, aquariums, low power lighting, and so on during power outages. Using this product reduces the risk of losing computer information and damaging electronic devices. This professional product from Faran protects your device against power fluctuations, sudden increase or decrease of voltage, lightning, noise, etc. The LEDs located at the front of the product display the device’s operating status, AC power output, and battery status. The product also comes with a telephone and fax socket to protect them from fluctuations and noise. This UPS has a capacity of 1500 volts, making it a good choice for home or small business. It takes eight hours for this battery to fully charge. The nominal input voltage in this product is 220 V and the nominal input frequency is 60.50 Hz. The nominal output voltage is 220 V and the output frequency is adjusted according to the input frequency 50.60 Hz.

Faran Electronics Industries Customer Support and Services

FARAN ELECTRONICS ELECTRONICS SUPPLY AND SERVICES COMPANY, Having experience of over 30 years of technical and engineering services, having specialized staff and staffing staff at the head office located at Pardis Science and Technology Park, as well as the Customer Service Center at Kermanshah Factory and Representatives based in provincial centers, mobile forces and equipped with all advanced equipment and equipment, are ready to provide service and maintain unique services in the shortest time possible in all parts of Iran.

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