گواهینامه ها و افتخارات/ گواهی تایید صلاحیت آزمایشگاه همکار

Operating license of Ministry of Industry and Mines

Inspector’s Certificate and Official Member of the Electronic Power Generation Manufacturers Association (UPS)

Certificate of Association of specialized centers of research and development of industries and mines

Collaborative Laboratory Qualification Certificate

گواهینامه ها و افتخارات فاران/ گواهی ISO 9001:2008

Certificate of registration of the tax system

Certificate of Industrial Sample Unit and Employer Sample in Kermanshah Province

International ISO 9001: 2008 certification in production of UPS, battery, inverter, charger and solar panel and LED Lighting

Syndicate member of Iran’s Telecommunication Industry

گواهینامه ها و افتخارات فاران/ لوح-سپاس-صنعت-و-معدن

Syndicate member of Iran’s power industry

Certificate of Industry and Mines Selection in Kermanshah

Licensed technology unit of Pardis Technology Park

Statue of National Conference on Global Environment Day from Tehran University

Annual Convergent Summit meeting (Industry and University) appreciation

Provincial Certificate of Consumers’ Rights

Customer Satisfaction Global Summit

Certificate of rating and qualification of informatics companies

گواهینامه ها و افتخارات فاران/ لوح غرفه ی برتر در نمایشگاه دستاوردهای پژوهش و فناوری

Member of Association of Manufacturers of Medical Equipment – Dentistry and Laboratory

Fame as one of the leaders in the field of energy and technology of the country

Acknowledgments of the Supreme Pavilion at the Exhibition of Research and Technology Achievements

Top stand at the exhibition of research and technology achievements

License Unit Technology

Certificate NOBEL 18001-2007

NOBEL Certificate 14001-2015

Certificate of ISO 9001: 2015

Certificate of superior supplier from Tehran Gas Company

Statue of superior supplier of Tehran Gas Company

ICT industry’s leading entrepreneurial statue

Statue of the 15th International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition

Statue of the 8th International Exhibition of Police and Security Equipment

Statue of industry and mining

International Statue of Iranian Industrial and Trade Names

Statue of the National Conference on the Construction Industry

Statue of the Industrial, Commerce and National Leadership Summit

Statue of the 14th International Oil, Gas, Petrochemical Exhibition

Statue of the premier company in the Campus Technology Park (the best convergence in the industry and university)

Statue of the First Iranian-Lebanese Conference and Economic and Industrial Cooperation

Statue of the National Conference of Energy and Energy Third Millennium Energy

Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation with Tehran University

Member of the Task Force on Electricity Generated from Solar Cells

Candidate for the excellent leadership of the European Office of the Officer in the Electricity Industry

Member of Iranian Scientific Society of Solar Energy

directorate member of Renewable Energy Association in Iran

Member of Iranian Projects Management Association

Member of Association of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Member of Iran Chamber of Commerce

Member of the Chamber of Commerce of Iran and Italy

Member of the Chamber of Commerce of Iran and Belgium

Member of Chamber of Commerce of Iran and Germany

Member of the Chamber of Commerce of Iran and France

Member of Chamber of Commerce of Iran and China