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*Happy Nowruz 1398*

Now that spring has come, we wish you happiness, success and health. 🌹Happy Nowruz🌹 Faran Electronic Industries read more


Faran Management and Training Meeting with Senior Managers at AEG

Faran Management and Training Meeting with Senior Managers at AEG Faran Electronic Industries Co. is the exclusive representative of AEG... read more

Terms of Representation

* Terms of Representation * Faran Company is providing a limited number of qualified legal and legal persons for the... read more


Faran received an exclusive representation from AEG company

Faran Electronic Corporation established in 1988 as AEG POWER SOLUTION official representative in territory of Iran is considered as... read more

Faran Company Selection as the Top Company in Technology Park

Faran Co. At the thirteenth annual summit of the highlights of the Pars Technology Park, the best company in... read more

Message from Managing Director Faran on the occasion of the Faran anniversary

We celebrate the 29th anniversary of the establishment of Faran, and we wish you good luck, success and prosperity. read more


Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to... read more

Faran at the International Oil & Gas Exhibition, Refining and Petrochemicals May 6-9, 2018

Faran Electronics is inviting you to visit the Faran booth at the 23rd International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical... read more

We celebrate Yalda and the twenty-eight anniversary of Faran’s establishment

We celebrate Yalda and the twenty-eighth anniversary of Faran’s establishment. Thank you for your cooperation with Faran Company and we... read more

Meet the representatives of Tabriz and colleagues at Faran Fair

Visiting Tabriz Representatives from Faran Pavilion at the Tehran International Exhibition of July 22, 2017 read more

Faran Company at the 2017 Telecom International Exhibition

Electronics Industries Faran invites you to visit Faran at the 23th Anniversary of the 2018 Electrop International Expo. Hall 31b... read more

Faran Solar Projects in 2013

Operation of 145kW Solar Power Plants, Bushehr Persian Gulf University, Bushehr Gas University, Ahwaz Power Distribution Company, Tehran Oil... read more

Visit Dr. Chongli Bay Head of the Academy of Sciences of the World

Dr Chungli Bai, head of the World Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, together with a... read more

Solar Energy Education Seminar of Faran Deputies

Solar Energy Education Seminar of Faran Representatives was held on Wednesday, 2011-07-27 in Kermanshah. After the end, a visit was... read more

Twenty sixth Anniversary of Faran establishment

Twenty sixth Anniversary of  Faran establishment December 21th was twenty-sixth anniversary of Faranestablishment. (more…) read more

New Electronics

New Electronics

Floating magnetic bulb

Floating magnetic bulb The name of this LED is Levia and has been designed by an Italian company. This lamp is... read more

Smart street that warns pedestrians with LEDs

Smart street that warns pedestrians with LEDs read more