Faran Services

خدمات پس از فروش فاران / مرکز تماس فاران/ درباره خدمات صنایع الکترونیک فاران

History of Faran Electronics Industries Customer Support and Services

FARAN ELECTRONICS ELECTRONICS SUPPLY AND SERVICES COMPANY, Having experience of over 27 years of technical and engineering services, having specialized staff and staffing staff at the head office located at Pardis Science and Technology Park, as well as the Customer Service Center at Kermanshah Factory and Representatives based in provincial centers, mobile forces and equipped with all advanced equipment and equipment, are ready to provide service and maintain unique services in the shortest time possible in all parts of Iran.

Facilities and Services

Equipped with Call Center

Failure registration system

Support system

holding educational courses

Provide periodic services

Equipped Repair Center

Golden Warranty Faran services (18 months product warranty – 7 years after-sales service)
Provide appropriate services and services as soon as possible to customers throughout the country (Installation & Support – After-sales support and after-sales service)

Record customer records

Technical support and supply of spare parts

Provide customer feedback form

Contact with users

Faran Customer support and customer service unit

In this section, by using the monitoring and ticketing network used in the country’s national banking networks, the “Faran Universal Service Network” (headquarters, main centers of support and provincial service agencies) has been installed and sent the relevant results and reports on the control system and A monitoring is carried out that relates to the planning of the operation flow and all relevant trends in the subset.

In this section, the internal circulation of operational and operational processes in the Faran Service Center (the headquarters, the main centers of support and provincial service agencies) is based on the global response and tracking system, based on the Operative INTS unit tracking code. It is worth noting that the operational center of the system is located at the Headquarters of Service and Services at the headquarters of the Faran Electronics Industries Company.

After sales service of Faran Electronics Industries, using the experience of technical and engineering services and qualified personnel, staffing staff, representatives located in provincial centers, mobile forces equipped with all advanced equipment, extensive service network and capabilities in the country. Provides unique service and service at the minimum possible time. The network, with its provincial headquarters and executive and controlling agencies, has now been able to take an important step in satisfying customer service and customer service reliability with the goal of providing integrated services to many organizations, institutions, banking networks and executive agencies. Itself and users of these devices (regardless of the type and brand of equipment used), and with the continuous pursuit of long-term goals, it has always been possible for growth and excellence. In this regard, he is proud to receive the honorary greetings from the 6th Summit We have been satisfied with customer satisfaction in year 95.

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