Project Description
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  • May 21, 2017

Suitable for

> Telecommunication & radio stations
> Office machines
> Commercial offices
> Home appliances, audio and video
> Medical and laboratory equipment
> Gas coolers up to 26000BTU
> Protect and reinforce single-phase buildings up to 40A

Security systems

> Lightning protection
> Protection against overload
> Short circuit protection
> High voltage protection
> Low voltage protection
> Protection against Surge, Spike, Lighting
> Protecting consumer devices against two phases


> 1,2,5,10KVA
> Protecting consumer devices against output voltage changes outside the permissible range
> Equipped with a filter to protect against noise and electrical disturbances in the city
> Microprocessor control
> Automatic voltage regulation
> The ability to change the voltage range
> LCD monitor to indicate the city’s voltage and output voltage

> LED display to display a delayed and unusual work situation
> Adjustable time delay
> Internal Transformer
> Miniature fuse
> Temperature protection, Circuit breaker protection
> Classic series, Relay type
> efficiency 98%