Project Description

Suitable for

> Telecommunications
> Sensitive servers
> Security systems
> Network equipment and data centers
> Hospitals and medical equipment

Security systems

> Protect against urban fluctuations and lightning
> Overload protection
> Short circuit protection of the charger and inverter
> Protecting unauthorized battery drain
> Protecting the device from overheating
> Protect the voltage and frequency of the input power
> Protecting the charge voltage above the battery limit
> Full Protection (Fully Automatic)
> Protecting common mode noise in the city
> Telephone / fax / modem / network protection
> Full protection of PLC line sensors
> Highest protection factor for sensitive attachment equipment
> Full protection of expensive medical and radiological equipment


> Power 2,4,6,8,10,12kva
> Double Conversion True Online Technology
> Low Frequency structure
> IGBT Inverter technology
> Wide range of input voltage
> True sinusoidal output with THD less than 3% on linear load
> Isolated output (fully isolated isolation transformer)
> Turning on the battery in the absence of electricity in the city (Cold Start)
> Automatic battery charge when UPS is off

> Compatible with diesel generator
> Intelligent Battery Management (ABM)
> Zero transfer time in situations
AC Mode to/from Battery و AC Mode to/from Bypass Mode
> EMI / RFI filters on the input and output
> Display the amount of charge and battery capacity with the LCD
> Smart RS232 Port(Optional), SNMP Slot

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