Project Description

PROTECT C. ONLINE TOWER UPS WITH 1000/2000/3000/6000/10000 VA

The new Protect C UPS from 1000 to 3000 VA power represent consistent further development of the well-proven and highly reliable series. With the lag increased to 0.9, the power factor was taken into account for the demand for higher performance active consumers. The ECO and frequency inverter for operation mode highlights the requirements for a modern versatile UPS.

6 & 10 kVA: Highly integrated switches and a robust IGBT module reduce the number of electrical connections and components and therefore provide for increased reliability. A Static Bypass Switch (SBS) and/or an automated bypass ensure additional safety in case of overload.

Suitable for

> safe supply application-critical consumers

> servers

> workstations

> storage systems

> sensitive switching and control systems


PROTECT C. ONLINE TOWER UPS WITH 1000/2000/3000/6000/10000 VA

> VFI topology (online / double conversion) protection against all mains network problems

> Extremely wide input voltage window of 110 VAC to 300 VAC without stress on the internal battery system and with a stable output voltage

> ECO and frequency operating voltage possible

> Expansion slot for SNMP, potential free contacts, remote display

> Graphic LCD display with interactive multilingual user interface

> Configuration options (password protected) via the operator terminal

> Internal hardware data logger with plain text display and date / time stamp

Emergency power off on terminal block (potential-free)


PROTECT C. 6000/10000

VFI topology (online/double conversion) protects against all network problems

Microprocessor control/ digital signal processors for maximum availability

Sinus-shaped power feed (high-frequency pulse width modulation with IGBTs)

n+x technology for redundancy and performance increase

Extension slot for SNMP, potential-free contacts, remote panel

Also available as an S-version with reinforced charging rectifier

> Space saving design with integrated battery system

Integrated fault operation security for manual bypass switch