Project Description

Suitable for

Security and protection systems 
LED and LCD TVs 
Game consoles 
LED Lighting 

security systems

Protect against Power fluctuations
> Short circuit protection of inverter and charger
> Protection against unauthorized battery drain
> Protection against sudden increase in load
> Protection against charging voltage higher than the battery limit
> battery Short circuit protection
> Lightning protection
Telephone / fax / modem / network protection


> 600VA , 800VA , 1200VA
> Protecting equipment against voltage changes
> Line interactive structure
> Digital microprocessor control
> Wide range of voltage and input frequency
> Automatic Frequency detection (60-50 Hz)
> Automatically find system error when turned on
> Voltage Stabilizer (AVR)

> LCD display and audio alarms
> Show battery capacity and consumer load
> Show normal city power and error and power failure
> Intelligent Battery Management (ABM)
> Automatic battery charge when UPS is off
> Turning on the battery in the absence of electricity (Cold Start)
> RS232 port (optional USB port)