Project Description

Suitable for

> ISP centers
> IDC Internet Information Centers
> Computing centers, banks, security systems
> Server center
> industrial automation
> Precision tools and equipment
> industrial centers

security systems

> Protects against city fluctuations and lightning
> Protect against unauthorized battery drain
> Protection against voltage above the battery charger limit
> Protection against voltage and frequency variation of input power
> Surge Protection
> Protection against overload



> Three phase input and output with 380,400,415 V, 50,60 HZ
> Double Conversion Online True Online Technology
> Output with the best quality
> Compatible with all kinds of load, high load bearing capacity
> Fully digital control using DSP
> Digital control of all subsystems such as: IGBT, Rectifier, Inverter, Charger
> The wide input voltage range is compatible with city electricity fluctuations
> With Green Power Technology
> THD low flow
> High efficiency
> Protection against a variety of errors
> Has a high memory capacity to record events

> The maintenance and repair capabilities are perfectly face-to-face and design
> A modular system of subsystems that make repairs easier.
> Extended power design of fan modules
> Enhanced reliability of device performance
> (MTBF) The average time between two incidents in the device is higher than 200,000 hours
> (MTTR) Low average repair time, less than 30 minutes
> Large LCD and user-friendly design
> Can be installed (configured) through the cable in the upper and lower parts of the device
> THD Voltage 1% on linear load