Features: Power rate 500VA – 3000VA  Pure sine wave output Output power factor 0.8 … Features & Benefits >DSP digital control >Boost and buck AVR for voltage stabilization >Auto sensing frequency >Adjustable charging current and battery shutdown point >Settable ECO mode and no-load shutdown >Humanized alarm system >Power-on self test >Cold start >Auto restart when mains power is restored >Intelligent battery management >Short circuit and overload protection >Automatic charging in OFF mode >USB & RJ45, AS400/SNMP (optional) communication port

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Suitable for > Pc  > Security and protection systems  > LED and LCD TVs  > Game consoles  > LED Lighting  security systems > Protect against Power fluctuations > Short circuit protection of inverter and charger > Protection against unauthorized battery drain > Protection against sudden increase in load > Protection against charging voltage higher than the battery limit > battery Short circuit protection > Lightning protection > Telephone / fax / modem / network protection attributies > 600VA , 800VA , 1200VA > Protecting equipment against voltage changes > Line interactive structure > Digital microprocessor control > Wide range of voltage and input frequency > Automatic [...]

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